Where does YourSnus Ship to?

We ship to EU, UK and most of the rest of the world.


Which countries do you not ship to?

France, Spain, Austria, Finland, USA, Russia and any country on an international sanctions list


Is shipping really included?

Yes, shipping is already included in the Snus price, and will not be added at the end. Free Shipping!!


How long does shipping take?

Europe it takes from 3 to 6 business days. Rest of the world 7-10 business days



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal, EURO SEPA wire transfers, GBP transfers or we could send you a link to pay by credit card online with our payment processor


History of Snus

Jean Nicot, French ambassador to Lisbon at the end of 1500 advices the French Queen Catharina of Medici, who suffers from severe migraine, to use nasal snus (dried ground tobacco). The queen´s migraine disappears and because of this, nasal snus becomes popular around the royal court.

The use of tobacco spreads rapidly in Europe and reaches Sweden at the end of 1500. In the 1700 it is very fancy to use snus in the wealthy categories of the population. It is a luxury product and expensive to manufacture. The use of snus influences the fashion and you should preferably own a snus can matching your dress. Your position in the society is shown by the shape and material of the snus can. It is a social marker and a usual gift to show gratitude, love or appreciated friendship.

The French revolution of 1789 changes everything. Use of snus becomes more discreet as not to show its political belonging.

In the beginning of 1900, snus consolidated its position as the most used stimulant for the working class men. Under the Second World War, cigarettes becomes a serious competitor to snus. Cigarettes is then a symbol for freedom, equality and modern times. In 1964 an American scientific report on the harms of cigarettes puts a halt to the growth and the use of cigarettes starts to be questioned.

In 1973 the portion snus or “Smokeless” is introduced; cigarettes consumption decreases as snus increases. Sweden has the lowest proportion of men cigarettes use and lung cancer in the world.