In his strive to produce the “perfect Snus” it took the Snus manufacturer Johan A Booman 4 years of research. After travelling around the world searching for the best leaves, his excellent result ended with a blend of 22 different varieties mixed with one drop of bergamot oil. The year was 1866, when the first General Snus was produced. Today for many Snus-users around the world General is synonymous for real Swedish Snus.There are several versions of General Snus. Throughout all the variations, the classic General flavor remains: Spicy taste with notes of bergamot and a touch of tea, hay and leather. 

Its name is taken from the city of Göteborg, Sweden where it was first produced in 1919. Göteborg being a large port, many sailors gathered ingredients during their long journeys on the seas, bringing different blends with them. Snus was nearly holy for the sailors and as the saying went: “A sailor’s mood is as good as the quality of his snus”. Göteborg Rapé is a flowery, smooth Snus with clear notes of lavender and juniper berry and a slight touch of wood and citrus.  

Thunder is one of Scandinavia´s strongest snus brands.  It is about twice as strong as traditional snus. It uses a larger proportion of leaves and is very appreciated around the world. It is based on a Swedish recipe that gives a classic and strong aroma.


Rite is a young brand developed by the most talented snus experts. The company behind it has over 4 generations of professional heritage. Purity of flavour together with full strength. The core values are simplicity, quality and strength. RITE is found  in 3 flavors, either in Large or Slim White format.